Mindo Cloud Forest - Highly recommended for Nature Lovers
Discover the mysteries of the Cloud forest, its unique flora and fauna, hike on trails through lush, epiphyte-laden cloud forest, alongside, sparking creeks. Specially trained guides introduce guests to the mysteries of the Cloud Forest, pointing out the unique flora and fauna and leading excursions along nature paths flanked by crystalline rivers.

Anahi Galapagos Catamaran

Come and enjoy your vacation to the Galapagos Islands with elegance and comfort aboard the luxury catamaran outstanding throughout the all Galapagos Archipelago. Every cabin includes large windows looking to the ocean, beautiful wooden floor and cozy private facilities and air conditioning. The yacht also offers ample resting areas, library, comfortable dining room and lounge. Relax on our Jacuzzi for six people. On top find the ample sundeck with resting chairs.

The Galapagos tours - Affordable Tours
If you are planning travel to Galapagos Islands, and you are looking for an economic tour. You are booking direct with The Galapagos Operator.

Quito day trips

Ecuador one of the small countries in South America with contrasts in its geography. The presence of the Andes mountains, the location on the Equator and the influence in rain fall (weather) by the Humbodlt cold current and warm phenomenon of El Niño.

Mindo Birding tour

Mindo Cloudforest at 1,300 meters enjoys of been world recognized by bird experts and nature lovers as bird santurary. Lush green forest with hanging airplants. Only one hour and a half from Quito toward the North-West

Quito walking tour

Visit Quito while you enjoy its historical old buildings, churches and its incredible food. Knowledgeble licensed tour guides...


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